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Optima Train is a US-based training company using cutting-edge adult learning methodology to make our customers more effective and efficient in the quickest possible time. With our proprietary C.L.I.P.P. methodology customers are able to retain and apply knowledge that will make them invaluable assets whether in academia or corporations.

Why Choose Us

Optima Train has the most comprehensive coverage of content created by experts with deep knowledge of how applications are used in the workplace.

Optima Train is intricately linked to our customers. While most training companies have a tool-centric approach that leads to relatively low knowledge retention, Optima Train has a results-oriented approach. We understand the subtle difference between “we are going to teach you Excel” and “we are going to teach you how to be more productive and meet your goals at work using Excel.” Our approach is distinctly oriented towards teaching you to be the best in your workplace or academic environment in an engaging and meaningful way.

Why choose Optima Train? Because…

  • We know what our customers want. Most of our courses have been developed after extensive client surveys.
  • Our quality and depth of content is second to none.
  • We teach in all modalities and across platforms and devices.
  • We eliminate all the fluff and focus on imparting actionable knowledge.
  • We have a global reach.
  • Our proprietary C.L.I.P.P. methodology ensures the highest knowledge retention in the industry.