Spreadsheet Automation

spreadsheet auto

The most popular business application in the world today is Excel. Knowledge workers are required to be proficient in Excel to remain employable and productive. However, the demands on knowledge workers who frequently touch Excel are increasing. There are several areas where Optima Train helps organizations whose knowledge workers are heavy users of Excel. These include:

1) Spreadsheet data validation rules: Often erroneous data is entered in spreadsheets that have serious consequences downstream which disrupt work flow. Optima Train can help implement simple validation rules that not only ensure proper data type and value range entries but also save the organization tremendous amounts of re-work time.

2) Spreadsheet consolidation: As organizations grow, the number of spreadsheets grows exponentially. This creates a vicious loop whereby new spreadsheets are created when old ones already exist. Optima Train helps with standardization and consolidation of spreadsheets so that the organization can save time that can be used towards more productive activities and sustainable growth.

3) Spreadsheet automation: Predictable and repetitive tasks that lead to hours of tedium can be automated using macros. We can help reduce significant chunks of time that knowledge workers spend applying formatting, connecting to disparate data sources, and manipulating data. Spreadsheet automation is incredibly powerful and, as an example, can reduce 40 hours of spreadsheet work to mere minutes. Over the course of a year the savings add up significantly.

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