Practical SharePoint 2013 Introduction & Overview


This course is an Introduction and Overview of Microsoft SharePoint 2013. It introduces the concepts and practical features that someone new to SharePoint needs to know.  It shows use scenarios of a typical knowledge worker and does not require or cover administration or programming skills in SharePoint.  In a quick and lively manner this will cover the main uses of SharePoint for a new user.  This course is also a good review of the end user perspective for SharePoint administrators.

The course begins with a definition of SharePoint and some basic navigation techniques.  It then builds on the concept of Team Sites with a Document Library and its many uses.  Document storage and use is covered including checking out a document and versioning.  The basics of Team Site creation and customizing are reviewed all from a non-developer skill set. Basics of Alerts are covered and how to use a list including importing and exporting Lists to Excel.  Tasks and custom views are demonstrated with a special project view of a timeline.  The concept of Workflow is introduced and a basic example shown with a document being routed through multiple users.  The powerful Calendar function is addressed and demonstrated.

Finally the social aspects of SharePoint are covered including Profiles, Newsfeeds, Discussions and Blogging.  A community site is also shown.  If you are new to SharePoint this is an excellent introduction that does not get too technical or deep in the weeds.  Throughout the course the videos are quick, lively and clearly explained.  If you want a good grasp on what SharePoint is and what it can do for you this course will show you in just under 2.5 hours.

Category: Office Productivity/Microsoft

What are the requirements?

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Pre-requisite: Basic browser skills in navigating a web page

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 143 minutes in 35 quick and lively clips
  • A good concise explanation of what SharePoint is and what it does
  • Intro to concepts & examples of Team Sites & basic Site Creation
  • Intro to Document Libraries, navigating, adding and removing documents
  • How to check out & check in a document and track it with versioning
  • Basic ways to change the apps and look of a Team Site
  • Using Alerts to stay on top of changes in SharePoint data
  • How to use, create & edit a list including importing from Excel
  • Using tasks to stay on top of upcoming due dates
  • See the powerful search capabilities including refining results
  • Intro to Workflows and step through an example routed to many users
  • How to use the Calendar app and see multiple calendars
  • How to see tasks listed in a special Project View timeline
  • How to use the Social aspects of SharePoint with Profiles and Following
  • How to use the Newsfeed, Discussions and Blogs
  • Intro to Community Sites

What is the target audience?

New SharePoint users of any skill level who want a quick look at what SharePoint is and what it can do to efficiently share information in your organization.  You should have basic skills in navigating a web page in a browser.

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